On Trend: “Great Gatsby” for dads

0603 Gatsby Dads

In the words of the great F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Life was beginning over again with the summer.”

From the new movie version to the fashion world, “The Great Gatsby” has certainly endured. We’ve used Jay Gatsby (via Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Redford) for inspiration for Father’s Day.

While Gatsby might not be the most paternal character in literature, he certainly has to be one of the most stylish.

Here are some picks available at Galleria right now:

Ralph Lauren sweater from Twill by Scott Dayton: Anything cable knit (translation: preppy) goes for Gatsby, who just wanted to assimilate into Daisy’s world.

Cocktail shaker from Williams-Sonoma: Before James Bond, Jay Gatsby knew that there’s something to be said about a man who knows how to mix a manly cocktail.

Wingtips from Cole Haan: True to the Gatsby story, wingtips became popular in the United States when soldiers returning home from World War I preferred the easy to slip on shoes to the elaborate lace-ups in America. (New York Times)

Ziegfeld cufflinks from Tiffany & Co.: The Ziegfeld collection is fully inspired by the movie and the Jazz Age. 

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