On trend: Gabberts’ expert checks out High Point Market

0715 gal gabberts blog 2 white

LPotretzke_HS-2Keeping your home up to date is always a challenge. That’s why GabbertsLauredeen Potretzke,went to the spring High Point Market in North Carolina earlier this year, where manufacturers preview what’s “new and fresh and interesting.” Some of the trends the senior interior designer saw are already at Gabberts.

Here’s are a few up and coming concepts.

Calm colors
There was a lot of green, especially emerald [Pantone’s color of the year]. Beyond that, there were shades of blue — from aquamarine to blueberry to gray to pastel. Many earthier colors that mimic the trees and sky. For wood, there’s the ceruse finish, which is an older finish, but they’re doing it in a new way. The limed oak adds white to the wood and it was showing up on high-end contemporary pieces. The popular black and white color combination was there, but it was muted and not as harsh. It’s now easier to customize any wooden piece by painting it in flat and high gloss Benjamin Moore paints and artisan drawings. Picture grapevines on a chest — if you can draw it, they’ll paint it for you.There’s a new neutral metal that’s a combination of high-polished nickel and brass, which can have either a gold hue or a silver hue to it.

Swatches from the High Point Market.

Decorative details
Get ready for embellishments with more nail-head trim, metal inlay and bone inlay. For example, a solid wooden console would have inlay metal in the base or in the top to give a wave effect. There’s also a lot more tufting that I’ve seen in quite a few years such as on the arms of chairs or just on channel backs of seating. There were lots of mixed textures and attention to detail such as cutouts and crystals on lamps. They were still sophisticated and not over the top — a casual elegance.

Scale and proportion
It’s return to human scale. The supersize is passé. That oversized look, which was very popular, has been scaled down. Think of an arm – the larger arms are 10 to 12 inches and now they’ve gone down to three inches. The seat depths on sofas were getting up to 44-inches deep and now scaled they’ve been scaled back to a more realistic 36 to 37-inches. A person who has shorter legs can sit on a sofa without having to put a pillow on their back.


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