Ta-da! The future of hair is at Lili Salon Spa

kerastasse lineHair — it’s really your most important accessory. The experts at Lili Salon Spa certainly understand that. And, they know their stuff — that’s why they’re the exclusive home to Kérastase’s new Couture Style line.

They’re color coded: The blue bottles are mousses, gels and sprays for using them on damp hair as starting points. Texturizing, defrizzing, volumizing, curling and shine can all be accomplished with the proper foundation. Then, purple bottles are sprays, sculpting paste and dry shampoo for giving hair the perfect finish.

Kate Moss is the face of the line — it doesn’t get more couture than that!

Try them this week at the free “Beauty and the Heat” event, (5:30 to 7 p.m., Thursday) on the patio at Lili Salon Spa. There will be beauty and fashion tips and appetizers from the Good Earth. RSVP to 952-925-4321 or GalleriaEdina@Hines.com.

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