Stuck inside? Don’t let them get bored!

0730 fb galleriaFor most parents, there is a phrase more dreaded than any other: “I’m bored.”

Creative Kidstuff can save the day. When kids are stuck indoors, both during winter and summer months, you might need to work a little harder to keep them active and engaged.

Here are five options that you might want to stock up on…just in case:

1. Fastrack

A quick game that uses an elastic band to  launch as many discs as possible through the door slot and into the opposite camp. Kids can play on their own too.

2. Kendama

The traditional Japanese toy with two sides let’s you juggle an attached ball back and forth. Kids (and grown-ups!) can master youtube-worthy tricks. (Creative Kidstuff carries a made-in-Minnesota model.)

3. Super Skipper

Jumping around indoors can be fun and less destructive with this game, that gets you to jump over rotating poles. Bonus: Kids can have just as much fun playing by themselves.

4. Wall Coaster

Turn a blank wall into a challenging maze of a project. Using suction cup attachments, kids can design a winding path for a marble to travel down.

5. Spot it!

A card came that will challenge quick-witted kids to stretch their brains by matching symbols.

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