What to Bring: State Fair Essentials

0826 state fair 2Hello, great Minnesota Get-Together! Hello, cheese curds, Fairway and Grandstand. Oh, no, heat. No worries! Swing by Galleria for everything you need to make your State Fair trip the best ever — except for the stick.

Pictured above:

1. Sunglasses from Coach: Keep your eyes open at all times — you wouldn’t want to miss a food stop because of the glaring sun.

2. Mar y Sol tote from Ampersand: You’ll want to carry everything in one giant tote. This light-as-air woven bag is available in a variety color options.

3. Hat from Trail Mark: Beat the heat with this packable topper.

4. Anti-bacterial gel from L’Occitane: This really requires no explanation except that the natural lavender scent will cool you as it fights germs.

5. Superga sneakers from Pumpz & Company: Closed toe is essential and these comfortable sneakers will keep you in the running for best dressed at the Fair. 

6. Kiehl’s Activated Sun Protector Sunscreen Spray from Ampersand: This easy to apply broad spectrum formula will protect your skin (SPF 30) and keep your hands gunk-free for deep fried olives on a stick


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