Talking Rugs with Gabberts

Antique LegendsA rug can change the entire dynamic of a room — from the ground up. When it comes to Oriental rugs, Gabbert’s in-house buyer and expert Victor Khalafi knows everything about them, right down to how to find the most perfect one for you and your home.

Here’s some of Victor’s advice for buying your first Oriental rug

Shop a reputable resource: True Oriental rugs are an investment. The average hand-knotted quality rug can cost $2,000 to $7,000. So it’s important to feel like you’re buying from somewhere that’s honest with pricing and material.

• Get the correct size: A lot of people think they need a smaller rug. There are some basic guidelines. You always want a connection between the furniture and rugs so it doesn’t look like “a postage stamp.” The rug will go under a sofa a little bit and chairs to define an area. The effect is to have the room look warmer and more complete. In the dining room, you want a rug big enough for the chairs to move comfortably around on, which is typically at least a foot.

• Consider color and style: Bring a fabric swatch with you when rug shopping so you can be sure to select a dominant or accent color from your upholstery, draperies or wallpaper to play off of in the rug. Consider the overall style of the space. Whether you’re look is traditional or contemporary, floral or geometric, you’ll be able to find a rug that will match it. 

Shop Gabberts Design Studio & Fine Furniture Oriental Rugs Chosen For You event, Gabberts Design Studio & Fine Furniture, 6:30 p.m., Thursday, August 29 or by appointment, 952-927-1500. 

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