The Hamilton airplane landed at Galleria

0904 galleriaYou’re not dreaming — there is an airplane in the middle of Galleria.

The airplane represents Hamilton watches, which are sold at Scheherazade. The brand has a rich history in aviation — founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They are know owned by a Swiss company, which allowed the innovative designs to merge with the Swiss movements and technologies. In the past 60 years, they have been featured in more than 400 films. See if you can remember the timepieces in “Die Hard,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Predators,” “Men in Black,” “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “You’ve Got Mail” and notably “Blue Hawaii” with Elvis Presley.

You can always shop a vast selection of Hamilton watches at Scheherazade. For the Flights of Fashion event (September 20 and 21), you’ll be able to try on a broad selection of the watches, including the Khaki Pilot Pioneer, Khaki Navy Pioneer and Khaki Pilot Auto Day/Date.  

As always at Scheherazade, you’re sure to have a first-class experience.

Hamilton airplane: On view throughout September. Hamilton watches, available at Scheherazade. Flights of Fashion: Shop Hamilton watches, meet a representative from the company, enjoy plane-sized mini-sodas, peanuts and pretzels. Enter a giveaway in the store. 

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