Five Questions: Artist Jeff Boutin

Jump and Shout-48x60

Things are getting very colorful at Galleria. Thanks to the Art Resources Gallery‘s opening of the Jeff Boutin exhibit. The local artist’s bold use of color and nature inspiration is truly in touch with the season.

Jeff offered some insight into his work.

Q You do a lot with trees — what connects you with nature?
A I love nature’s chaos. It allows me to push the boundaries of abstraction.

Q You live in Eden Prairie — do you paint a lot of areas around you?
A I’ve lived in Eden Prairie for 25 years. I have seen many changes. I am still inspired by the old “graffiti bridge.” I added to it back in the day.

Q You’re from Minnesota — how do you think your work connects with the local audience?
A We like our comfort zones but have the desire to be more daring. I try to connect the two.

Q Do you ever go to Galleria? Any favorite spots there? (It’s okay if this is a no, obviously!)
A Barnes & Noble~I love books and magazines. My studio looks equally a library as it does an art studio.

Q What inspires you?
A I spend hours, days, weeks and sometimes years to develop ideas that will connect with people. I love the psychology of art — sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t but you can always expect something new.

Artist’s Reception: 6 to 8 p.m., October 4, Art Resources Gallery, Galleria, Edina, 952-922-1770.
Exhibit: On view from October 4 through 25.

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