Five Questions: Jewelry designer Liz Oie

11111 liz oie 2When it comes to wearable, but fabulous jewelry, nobody does it better than Liz Oie.

The Burnsville artist has had her work on Julia Roberts and Tori Spelling. She works in precious and semi-precious gems set in gold and sterling silver and has been experimenting with leather and a variety of creative materials. You can find a selection of her work at Epitome and you might find her at Galleria.

Here’s a little insight into her style.

Q What’s your inspiration right now?
My inspiration comes from the stones and other components that I am designing with. This along with the current trends, season and many times colors and textures found in nature. For instance, a sunset over the water has inspired me to pair red garnet, ruby, citrine and other fiery sunset colors with cool blue topaz or turquoise. I think I am also subconsciously encouraged to go in one direction or another by the feedback I get from my customers. After all,  my goal is to help the women who wear my pieces to look and feel good about themselves. This is what drives me to make sure that each piece is not only salable but also special. I want it to stand out and enhance the beauty of the woman wearing it.

Q What is your favorite piece of the moment?
A It’s a tie between a huge necklace of Sapphire teardrops dangling from a pave set diamond ball. There is also a diamond toggle. This piece is designed to be worn every day and even has a little bit of a casual boho-chic feel to it  but is actually over 121 carats of sapphires and diamonds!  The other, that I do wear everyday- even in the shower is a simple gemstone bar of blue diamonds. I make these in every gem stone you can think of as well as black, yellow, blue and champagne diamonds. These have been tremendously popular as a single every day ‘go to’ piece as well as layering several at a time.

Q How long have you been designing?
I have been designing for about 15 years now!

Q What’s your favorite moment so far?
My favorite moment so far? It is very exciting when a celebrity – like Julia Roberts,( Kourtney Kardashian, Tori Spelling or some of our newscasters) wears my jewelry but I’m not sure if that’s my favorite moments. I really like the heartfelt comments when I meet someone who has been a customer over the years and they tell me how many compliments they get and the fact that I was able to bring some happiness into and be a positive part of their every day lives. I have a basket of cards that I have received from customers and I have saved all of them. That is the most satisfying and I think favorite part (moments) of my job.

Q What defines your style?
I like to think my style is always current, although not trendy. I want to be somewhat classic but definitely with enough of an edge that the wearer will always look stylish, noteworthy and never dated. I like to use luxurious materials like diamonds, rubies, sapphires in an unexpected way so as to never look stuffy or too ‘done’.  I do woven leather bracelets with diamonds, big, bold statement necklaces with diamond spacers and an antique meteorite on a chain of pink topaz. I recently made a vintage war medal on a sterling chain with titanium coated hematite. … The pieces are a little unique but still stylish and not too ‘unusual’.

1116 liz oie11111 liz oie 3

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