Collectable memories — gifts of glass

1216 glass gifts There’s something extra special about a work of art crafted in glass — revered for the beauty that comes in something so elegant.

Enter the Art Resources Gallery’s 17th Annual Glass and Gift Show. Featuring local and international artists, there’s a dazzling work for everyone — from $50 to $9,000.

Meet a few of the local artists being featured.

Joe Becker (far left):  You’ve never seen quite this many textures crafted in glass. Using both glassblowing techniques and grinding and polishing, Joe’s “sculpture vessels”  make the most out of space and form

Nolan Prohaska (middle): Using nature as an inspiration, the artist utilizes color and a variety of techniques to stunning effect. Bonus: Nolan’s flowers never wilt.

Robinson Scott (right): Robinson’s vases and bowls capture so much light that you’d never want to weigh one down with flowers. These handblown creations look otherworldly as they glow with dynamic energy.

17th Annual Glass an Gift Show, Art Resources Gallery, 952-922-1770, through Dec. 28.

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