Warm up, beautiful!

0106 skin at lili

Being your most beautiful self during these sub-zero temps might take a little extra effort.

Luckily, the experts at Salon Lili know how to keep you gorgeous at any temperature.

Here’s some of their advice:

Brrr! Your face will really benefit from a moisture-rich product.

CE Peptides from Vivier Skin is a serum that goes deep into the live dermis of the skin.  L-ascorbique acid USP, the most pure vitamin C available on the market, and vitamin E deliver superior moisture, plumping and protection from free radicals. It is a fundamental choice for advanced protection and hydration during below-zero temperatures.

Also, let your skin rejuvenate while you sleep with Vivité’s Night Renewal Facial Cream. With a blend of Glycolic Acid compounds that loosen and break up dead skin cells and antioxidants to stabilize skin from past and future damage, this rich night cream will exfoliate, hydrate and protect the skin.

Don’t let your hair break/breakdown in these freezing temps. The dry air dehydrates your locks. 

At home, alternate your daily conditioner with a masque. Chroma Riche Masque by Kérestase will give you a richer more intense infusion of moisture for all hair types, but especially is an excellent choice for color-treated hair.

In the salon, you can add a Kérestase deep conditioning treatment to your hair cut and color service. It’s a quick and low-cost way to make your hair shiny and happy.

Body and spirit
The toll of the winter can effect your body from head to toe. Warm up your soul with a relaxing and revitalizing hot stone massage. Massage therapy is an excellent choice for amping up our bodies defense system during the freezing Winters. A treatment will help to release endorphins which are our body’s natural pain killers and anti-anxiety producers.  Adding hot stones not only helps one to unthaw from this frigid winter, but also allows the therapist to work the muscles deeper, thereby improving circulation, increasing oxygen and stimulating lymph flow.  The heat and deep body-work will aid to to enhance your body’s natural defense system and leave you feeling thoroughly calm and refreshed.

Salon Lili at Galleria, call 952-935-5000 for an appointment.

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